Advertisements I’d love to see… Part 1

In Uncategorized on March 9, 2010 at 6:53 am

Not a lot of you here, probably 99.9% have never seen some of the greatest advertisements that have appeared on worldwide television due to the fact that most of you have been shielded by Portuguese television. Here is some of the advertisements I’d love to change and be televised (with a translation  of course) on one of the four main channels.

No. 1

 A great Carlsberg add from a few years back when they invisaged Ireland winning the World Cup… Take out the Ireland and put in Braga winning the leauge title…. Fantastic it would be…

No. 2

The famous Ian Rush Accrington Stanley Milk advertisement. Take out the Accrington Stanley and put in Guimaraes..

“It’s what Eduardo drinks. And he said if I don’t drink milk, when I grow up I’ll only be good enough to play for Guimaraes”, “Guimaraes?? Who are they?”, “Exactly!!!”  Absolutely magic!!!!

No. 3

Lucozade advertisement with famous old players… Replace them with a few retired Braga players and there you go…  great ad…

No. 4 Simple ad to recreate… throw in a couple of Brazilian footballers and you never know what the ad would lead to… a bit of carnival… a night out… you’ll get the picture…

No. 5

Football fanatics….. you know what its like!!!

No. 6

Replace everything in this Carling ad with Braga supporters playing in Avenida Central…. would be lots of fun…

No. 7

Just replace with your average Braga fan… simple and stunning….

Anybody got any more ideas?

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